• Can You Regrow Missing Teeth?

Life would certainly be easier for many people if we could simply regrow teeth that have been lost to decay or damage.

Of course, it’s not possible – that’s science fiction, right?

To a point, but like many elements of sci-fi’s past, the idea of regrowing your own teeth may come to pass.

A recent study done on mice has some promising information.

…the discovery of the marker, called transcription factor SOX2, in mice dental stem cells provides an excellent model for studying human dental stem cells. The mechanisms that control and regulate tooth growth in humans is similar to those in mice teeth.

The study’s authors are optimistic that their discovery could lead to the development of a bioengineered tooth, which may make it possible someday to replace lost teeth with ones grown from stem cells.

Replacing a lost tooth a literal replacement would be favorable to a synthetic implant for most people. This may never come to pass, but it’s certainly worthy of exploring.

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